My Must-Have Beauty Items

Today I'm sharing a few of my must-have beauty items and the reason behind why I love them so much. My Summer beauty routine has been especially light and easy recently; most days consisting of a simple, nude lip and mascara (and maybe a little under-eye concealer - let's be honest). This allows my natural tan to shine through and isn't too dramatic for being in the office all day.

As we all know however, a woman's beauty regime doesn't start when she begins applying makeup in the morning. I have been using my mud mask almost religiously at night after work to clear up any problem areas throughout the week and my lavender oil to calm my mind for an uninterrrupted sleep. 

01. Bare Minerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lipgloss
I am a sucker for a good, nude lip. It is definitely my go-to for day to day beauty wear. At any given time, I have at least 3 or 4 different brands of nude lipstick in my purse (which seems a bit excessive, right?) With that being said, this lipgloss goes with every single one. It's like a top coat for your lips and it brings a little bit of flirtiness into your look - especially for the Summer months. The consistency of the gloss isn't sticky or too thick (like many on the market) and it helps tone down the harshness of a matte lipstick very well. 

02. Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil
My aromatherapy diffuser has been a part of my nightly routine at home during the past few months. I find it difficult to put my mind at ease most nights, either staying up way too late on my phone (such a bad habit) or over-thinking a situation or a new project. However, when I smell the lavender filling the room, it's almost like a switch that turns off and signals that it's time to relax. It is the most luxurious feeling. When I'm traveling, I pack my little bottle in my purse and dab a few drops on my skin or my pillow whenever I need some extra relaxation. 

03. Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask
A huge beauty must-have for me is a facial mask. My masks are always on rotation throughout the week (you can see more of this here) but, this one in particular has become a true favorite. Whenever I feel a break out coming on, I apply this mud mask for 15-30 minutes while I'm working on the blog or watching TV. The immediate tingling sensation lets me know that it's cleansing and tightening my skin. It's also really inexpensive (sometimes the best ones are)!

04. Lorac PRO Brow Pencil
If I only have 5 minutes to get ready before I walk out the door, I am doing my eyebrows for sure. I think that full eyebrows frame anyone's face so well and I truly feel naked without them. I've tried several eyebrow pencils out and this one is by far my favorite. It goes on light, the color is natural (I use "Blonde") and the applicator is precise. It's tiny too so, I always store an extra in my purse for emergencies (no one wants to walk around the office with one, unsightly eyebrow). 

05. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
This concealer is my go-to for a weekend or a special occasion. It is a bit heavier than my daytime, liquid foundation but, it covers under eye circles, dark spots, and redness phenomenally. If my skin is looking particularly rough in one area during the week, I blend a small amount of this concealer into my normal foundation to apply and give better coverage. 

What are your beauty must-haves? Share them with me below!

xo Anna Elizabeth