6 Things I Do Everyday for My Mental and Physical Health

Simple activities to add into your daily routine right now to improve your mental and physical health

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5 Tips on How to Design the Perfect Gallery Wall

From gathering inspiration to ordering, measuring, and styling, we are sharing the 5 most important tips for how to create the perfect gallery wall

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5 Tips for Thriving in Your First Year of Marriage + Our Wedding Video

Sharing our honest, tried-and-true relationship advice for strengthening your marriage

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The First 5 Items We Purchased for Our New Home

Rounding up the 5 most impactful furniture pieces we have purchased so far

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How I Edit My Photos Using Lightroom

Sharing step-by-step how I edit my photos for the blog and Instagram using Lightroom

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Embracing Our Next Chapter

Finally sharing some big news and what is next for us this year

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10 Books You Need to Read This Year

Shedding some light on how 10 books have transformed my life as a young adult

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Our Weekend in DC as a Family of 3

Sharing our experience traveling with Oliver for a relaxing weekend away

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The Best Place to Stay in New York City

Sharing a peek into our stay at Gansevoort in NYC during Fashion Week

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DIY Valentine's Day Box for Your Besties

4 Ways to make a DIY Galentine’s Day box for your besties

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How to Design a Beautiful (and Meaningful) Instagram Feed

From choosing a color palette to shooting content for your feed, writing captions, and more, I’m breaking down my top Instagram tips

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Our Girls' Weekend Away in DC

Sharing a peek into our stay at Avenue Suites in Georgetown, and my favorite places we ate, drank, and shopped at over the weekend

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My Holiday Wishlist

Sharing the biggest sales that I shopped during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the items that I still have my eye on for the holidays

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Under $50 Gift Guide for Him & Her

Affordable holiday gifts under $50 for him, her, and them

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Amazon Gift Guide for Him & Her

My first (and most requested) gift guide of the holiday season for him & her

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How We Had Our Dream Wedding on a Budget

5 tips for having your dream wedding while staying within budget

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Our Wedding Vows and Reading

Sharing our personalized vows and the reading we chose for our wedding day

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Our Wedding in the Canadian Rockies

A peek into our fairy-tale wedding at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

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Engagement Journal: Final Month

Sharing my thoughts on the final month leading up to our wedding, and photos from our styled “Future Mrs” shoot

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Family Time in Tilghman Island

Our family photos from Tilghman Island, and how Sam and I are bringing together our two families pre-wedding

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