The Best Valentine's Day Gift for Him

Surprise! This year, Sam's Valentine's Day gift came early: his JORD watch! As you may have picked up on from our recent posts, Sam is most definitely a "watch guy". The same way that I go crazy over a new leather handbag or a pretty, pointed pump, Sam goes crazy when he gets a new, masculine watch. 

I remember our very first Valentine's Day together, crammed in a crawl space aka* my dorm room at Salisbury. It was my first semester away at college and Sam and I used to alternate travel every weekend. That Saturday morning, before I even woke up, Sam lugged an 8 foot-tall teddy bear and 3 bouquets of red roses (1 for each of my roommates) to our room and I practically said "I do" on the spot. I had made him our first photo album, filled with sweet memories of us and a ton of blank pages, intent on filling them in down the road. I wasn't sure how he would react, being the rugged man that he was but, upon giving it to him and seeing his eyes get glassy flipping through the pages, I knew that it was the perfect first gift. 

That being said, we have since filled that photo album, and another, and unfortunately that gig wasn't going to hold up for the next 80 years. I knew that I eventually would have to figure something else out. So, if you are shopping for your man this holiday and are struggling with what to get him, know that I've been in the same spot. Thankfully for me, Sam developed a love for watches, and when JORD reached out to me and I looked through the huge selection of beautifully, handmade wood pieces, I knew instantly that it was a match.


Sam didn't have anything that came close to the wood design of JORD and I knew that he would be excited to wear any style that I picked out. When I gave him the Dover Olive & Acacia watch earlier this month before our shoot downtown, it was a sweet moment seeing his eyes light up at how the movements flow, investigating all of the tiny details, and remembering our first Valentine's Day together 6, short years ago. 


If you are looking for a gift to get your man this Valentine's Day, or just want to treat yourself (hey girl, I don't blame you), go ahead below and enter our giveaway contest for a chance to win a $100 giftcard toward a beautiful JORD watch!


*Contest ends January 29th* 

All entrants will receive an e-gift code for $25 off a watch of their choice when the contest concludes and one lucky winner will receive a code for $100 off a watch of their choice.

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xo Anna Elizabeth