Fringe Denim and Camel

This season so far has been packed full of unpredictable weather. Although Spring is among my favorites, especially for fashion, it has had its share of... confusing days. Like when it's 90 degrees on Monday, 50 on Tuesday, and has a fit of torrential downpour for the rest of the week (coincidentally the only time I've planned to shoot new looks). That's why I've been keeping my weekend looks low-key and versatile lately. There's nothing I love more than a plain, white t-shirt, jeans, and fresh blooms on a Sunday. It is my go-to look for a relaxed coffee date, dropping by the Farmers Market, or just popping into the park with Oliver and Sam by my side. 

This pair of spotted, fringe jeans has quickly become a treasured piece in my wardrobe since I scooped them up at Zara in Georgetown a few months back (I've linked my favorite pairs below). They are on trend this season and can be dressed up or down easily. Along with some fun denim, I added my vintage, Salvatore Ferragamo purse, a floppy Spring hat, camel cardigan, and casual leather sandals. 

Believe it or not, I have been trying (key word: trying) to minimize my wardrobe clutter lately. For me, I know that having less in my closet makes it significantly easier to get dressed for the day. Although my fashion sense changes inevitably from year to year, I know what compliments my body and what I feel most comfortable in. Lately, when I am shopping, whether online or in person, I try to avoid splurging on those "special occasion" pieces and invest more in staple items that I know I will wear several times each week. 

Once I find a pair of jeans or a top that I feel comfortable in, it is with me for years (yes, literally). I still have classics from high school that I cling to year after year. Recently, this white t-shirt slid right into that category; it is extra soft, the perfect shade of white, and falls perfectly on my body. I think that everyone can relate to the ever-challenging, t-shirt dilemma - whether it's too tight, shear, baggy, thick, or stuffy, sometimes it's just not a match. We assume that they are all created equal, that is, until you have 5 of them in front of you and only 1 feels juuust right. It's surprisingly easy to go wrong if you don't have a classic, quality material and cut. 

Finding the right one, however, can be considered a true accomplishment. Just like with any staple piece, once you find your match, it's easy to dress it up or down with accessories and a cute pair of shoes to fit the season. 

Local tip* - for those of you in the Baltimore area, do yourself a favor and pop into The Bun Shop on W Read St. They make a mean Chai Latte and Vanilla Chai Cinnamon Bun. Also, it's reeeally cute inside if you're looking for a spontaneous photo-op. 

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xo Anna Elizabeth