Bell Sleeves and Pink Denim

Spring is officially in full swing here in Baltimore! We have still been getting our fair share of unpredictable weather, but the trees are blooming, the temperatures have been creeping up into the 70's, and the birds are chirping louder than ever in the mornings to wake me up. 

A few weekends back, Jade and I were heading to the Brightside event downtown for brunch and decided to stop beforehand to shoot this look. The funniest thing about these pictures is that the mixture of snow on the ground, pink blooming trees, and my Spring outfit depicts our ever-changing Maryland weather SO well. When I was growing up, all I would ever say is how I "couldn't wait to get as far away from Maryland as possible", and now that careless statement couldn't be further from the truth. I appreciate our crazy weather and the fact that we get to experience all 4 seasons to the very fullest.

I remember the first time I really appreciated my hometown of Severna Park (about 30 minutes outside of Baltimore). Sam and I were driving back to my Mom's house one weekend after I had recently moved out and, all around us, for what seemed like the first time ever, I saw these bright blooming trees lining the streets, and homes with character and charm, and we drove past the most beautiful park with kids running around playing and parents chasing them. It was a place I had driven past hundreds of times throughout the years, but I remember saying to Sam how lucky we were to grow up there. It's funny how time and perspective change what you see. 

Anyway, my point is that I hope to appreciate Baltimore in the same way, and embrace the quirky things like snow and pink blossoming trees in one place for as long as we get to be here. 

I guess it didn't hurt my optimism that this Bell Sleeves and Pink Denim look is one of my favorites yet from this season. I felt so fun and feminine in it heading to the event! I'll admit that the crystal-studded strappy heels were a bit "extra" for brunch, but I was totally owning it. 

This gorgeous white eyelet blouse is one of the pieces that Heartloom sent me last month from their new Spring collection. Heartloom has quickly become a brand that I go to for feminine statement pieces. I was actually just on their website last night willing their entire "New Arrivals" page to magically appear in my closet. The eyelet pattern on this Elis blouse is so flirty, and the prominent bell sleeves make it a head-turner for sure.

Another thing I must make mention of in this look are these crystal-studded heels by Steve Madden. If I could sleep in these babies, I would. I'm actually obsessed with them and I have been using every excuse to wear them as of late. If you follow me on Instagram stories, you saw that I snagged these during the Presidents' Day sale at South Moon Under for $30. Which is insane considering I had been eyeing them for the past year online for over $100. I guess sometimes it quite literally pays to wait. (They are sold out everywhere online, but I linked some great dupes at the bottom of this post!)

Last, but certainly not least: the new Universal Denim collection at Target. It's insane. It'd honestly be questionable if I didn't spend half of my paycheck on it. This was the first time I was able to find pink denim that didn't look childish or cheaply made. These pants have the perfect amount of distressed color and softness to them for my signature feminine style. I scooped this pink denim pair and a blush baseball cap, and I'm already eyeing more pieces for the Summer (with the money I saved on the Steve Madden shoes, LOL).  

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Elis Top: Heartloom

How do you feel about pink denim this Spring? Comment on the last photo on my Instagram feed and tell me your thoughts or tag me in your favorite Spring style!

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