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Do you remember when I confessed to you that I basically hate getting dressed for the office? When evaluating my current wardrobe last month before shopping for Fall, I discovered that the times when I am most frustrated with getting ready is in the mornings during the week. I have had a full-time corporate job for 6 years, so you would think that I would have gotten the hang of it by now. But, the truth is: I’m still learning.

In the past, I’ve filled my work wardrobe with dull, dark pieces like a stiff black blazer, black pencil skirts, and button-down shirts that would make my Instagram audience cry. Up until recently, I was the youngest person ever to work at our company. So, for the past 6 years I’ve gotten dressed in whatever I thought would help me blend in and make me feel like I “belong” in that environment.

I get so creative and inspired by my outfits on the weekends or when attending events in the evening, but I never thought to use that same mindset toward my professional looks. That’s why one of the promises I made to myself this season was that I would focus on what makes me happy when getting dressed for work. It’s never too late for new resolutions!


When purging my closet last month, I got rid of anything that made me feel “blah”. I kept a few basics to use alongside more colorful pieces, but I reduced the amount dramatically. After cleansing my closet, I gathered some inspiration via Instagram and Pinterest to see what colors and textures I was drawn to most in terms of a professional aesthetic. This made my shopping experience a thousand times more enjoyable than automatically repeating what had led me to this point.

The very first piece that I added to my new “happy” office wear collection was this tweed blazer. It is structured without feeling stiff, and the details on it are perfectly feminine. If you look closely, you can even see a tiny hint of pink woven throughout. This makes it an ideal piece to pair with pink accessories like my favorite wool beret, classic Kate Spade purse, and pink suede watch by Henry London. To keep the outfit light, I paired the jacket with a white lace blouse from Heartloom (side note: I would definitely wear a tank under this to the office) and white corduroy pants for transitioning into Fall. I found this blazer at a consignment shop for $20, and unfortunately it is sold out online, but I have linked very similar ones at the bottom of this post!


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Photos by Jade Nikkole Photography

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