NYFW: Trends Spotted on and off the Runway


Have you ever been so inspired that your heart felt like it was beating out of your chest?

That is exactly the way in which I would describe seeing my first runway show at New York Fashion Week. Vanessa, from The Primpy Sheep, and I saw 8 shows and 24 designers in just 2 and a half days.

In some ways, it was precisely how I imagined New York Fashion Week; with the fashion photographers crouched down shooting away on every street corner, the eye-catching (and sometimes unrealistic) designs on the models strutting down the runway, and the all-day rush from one show to the next, barely pausing to take a breath.

In other ways, the experience totally surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to feel so connected to the designers and their creations. At the PONY x Harbin show when the designers were making their speech afterwards, I felt like I might cry I was so proud of them.

I also wasn’t expecting to see so many women and men OFF of the runway that inspired me to think outside of the box with my own style. Everywhere we went, from the coffee shop to Pier59, it felt like the entire weekend was one big fashion show.

I caught myself watching the people attending the shows even more closely than some of the shows themselves. I fell in love with many of the patterns, textures, and colors on the people sitting right next to me.


My favorite trends spotted off the runway were: hair barrettes, turtlenecks, belt bags, snakeskin everything (from over the knee boots to trousers), relaxed blazers and feminine suits, pastel two-pieces, and trench coats.


Shop my favorite trends:


Now, for the shows. It was an honor to witness first-hand this lineup of talented and emerging designers from around the world. I wanted to share a quick overview of my most memorable moments, designers, and looks from the weekend!

My favorite trends spotted on the runway were: sheer tulle with floral applique, jeweled mouth masks, over-sized bows, colorful leather, belted waists, metallic, hot pink, ruffles, rich-colored velvet, and high neck details.

Fashion Hong Kong Collection

fashion Hong Kong

112 Mountainyam, By designer Mountain Yam

Anveglosa, By designer Annette Chan

Heaven Please +, By designer Yi and Lary

My favorite collection from this show was Anveglosa. The designer, Annette Chan, focuses mainly on leather pieces and making them fashionable and contemporary. I loved the mixture of leather and tulle fabrics in her designs and how feminine they were overall.

The white blazer and tulle skirt below is the look I can see myself in most; it is definitely giving me a Carrie Bradshaw kind of vibe!

fashion Hong Kong
fashion Hong Kong

Chiara Boni La Petite Robe


Chiara Boni La Petite Robe, by designer Chiara Boni

A collection of modern, chic, and regal pieces that are perfect for a sophisticated and stylish woman. I loved the bold prints, plush velvet, over-sized bows, and belted waists.


CAAFD Collective Showcase

Caafd RF 19 0604.jpg

Mouton Blanc Paris, by designer Hakuyo Miya

Imi, by designer Imogen Evans

Zabetta Couture, by designer Ruth Zabetta

I was drawn to the feminine cuts, bold floral prints, and modern approach to women’s power suits.

The collection, Imi, caught my eye the most during this show with the masks covering the models mouths and the baggy outfits. Her designs are meant to send a message that no one is immune to sexual assault, even without showing their skin.

Caafd RF 19 0261.jpg
Caafd RF 19 0984.jpg
Caafd RF 19 0627.jpg
Caafd RF 19 0646.jpg

Son Jung Wan Show


Son Jung Wan, by designer Son Jung Wan

Her collection is designed to embrace romance with an emphasis on softness and a futuristic touch. I enjoyed the pastel sequins, faux fur coats, and the bold two-piece looks.


Oxford NYC AW19 Collection Show I

Farah Naz RF19 0608.jpg

DEPLICO, by designer Chaahat Thakker

The Defender Collection, by Poli & Jo

Farah Naz, by designer Farah Naz

Ron Ramos, by designer Ron Ramos

Minzkou, by designer Seray Sacan

Jisu Lim, by designer Jisu Lim

NC, by designer Charly Nzogang

Ego-Friendly, by designer Jyu Ri Ri

The Oxford shows were so much fun to watch because of the vast difference in each designer’s collection. From feminine details like tulle, pearls, and satin, to leather cut-outs, and futuristic designs, I was kept on the edge of my seat with anticipation each time a model turned down the runway.

Minzkou RF19 1249.jpg
Minzkou RF19 1146.jpg
Jisu Lim RF19 1386.jpg
Nc By Charly Nzogang RF19 1567.jpg
Jyu Ri Ri RF19 1779.jpg

Oxford NYC AW19 Collection Show II

Pheren Couture RF19 1229.jpg

C’EST D, by designer Doyeon Yoni Yu

Out of Order, by designers 3 anonymous

DIXON, by designer Delayne Dixon

Meg Beck, by designer Meg Beck

LACRIMOSA, by Pheren Couture

Quaint, by designer Nina D. Quantas

I loved so many moments during this show. It was one of my favorites from the weekend in the sense that I could see myself wearing several of the pieces from each collection. From the millennial pink (obviously) and feminine bows, to the edgy patterns and zipper placements, it was a runway filled with inspiration and creativity.

The looks that I couldn’t stop drooling over (or talking about) days later were from the Pheren Couture collection. Once again, I was drawn to the over-the-top jewels and lace-details on the face masks. The sheer tulle gowns that were paired with them made my jaw drop; I want every last one in my closet ASAP.

C Est D RF19 0037.jpg
Out Of Order RF19 0472.jpg
C Est D RF19 0096.jpg
Delayne Dixon RF19 0719.jpg
Meg Beck RF19 0978.jpg
Pheren Couture RF19 1096.jpg
Pheren Couture RF19 1126.jpg
Quaint RF19 1671.jpg
Quaint RF19 1828.jpg



PONY x HARBIN, by designer Stefano Contini in collaboration with Harbin Beer

While the outfits didn’t exactly fit in with my personal style aesthetic, this was the most memorable part of my weekend in NYC because of the overall experience. The PONY x Harbin team truly know how to put on an event. From the over-the-top entrance with a calligrapher mopping black ink into the center of the floor, to the rock band and Opera singer, Chinese beer samples, and pop star appearances, it felt like we landed at the most exclusive party in NYC.

Prior to the show, all of the major fashion magazines including Elle were reporting on the “mystery” of the PONY x Harbin brand. There was no information to be found for the designer or collection online, they were not present on Instagram, and the RSVP address for the show went to a bunk web page. In my opinion, this made their debut at NYFW that much more exciting.

The models strutted down the runway in high-end sports fashion, vibrant colors, and patterns of camouflage and plaid.


International Fashion Designer’s Showcase


Jorge Contreras, by designer Jorge Contreras

Fancy Sinner Couture, by designer anonymous

Hola Swim, by designer anonymous

Lady Wulff, by designer Fernan Lianne Wulff

Siani Alexa, by designer Siani Currie

Namaste and Crochet, by designer Dominique Calvillo

A mixture of exquisite tulle gowns, swimwear, crochet dresses, and luxury lingerie made up this showcase of emerging designers. The feminine, princess-like gowns reminded me of my own wedding dress and made me want to get married all over again, and the sultry lingerie had me imagining myself front row at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

p.s. Check out that last robe and tell me you don’t NEED that in your closet *obsessed*

It was a more intimate setting than the rest of the shows which allowed for the opportunity to meet the up and coming designers in person after the showcase.


All in all, the weekend spent rushing from one show to the next, rubbing elbows with fashion’s elite, and getting a preview into next season’s trends was nothing short of incredible. I left NYC feeling inspired to create, write, and hone in on my own style. Needless to say, I am already anticipating returning in September!

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xo Anna Elizabeth

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