Coconut Collagen Coffee

BABE. Obsession doesn't even begin to cover this one. How did I even drink coffee before collagen creamer? How did I even live my life?

I literally found the easiest way ever to get my daily dose of collagen and it is life-changing. 

I've heard of collagen supplements in the past from fellow beauty and food bloggers, but I'll be honest I just wasn't over-the-moon-excited about anything until I tried this creamer. For me to introduce something into my daily routine, I really have to love it and be convinced that it's worth my time and energy (and money). Collagen is wonderful and the benefits of adding it into your diet are insane. But, with other collagen supplements, I was never able to find a way to use them in my daily routine without inconveniencing me (ex. waking up an extra 30 minutes early to make a protein shake/smoothie) or feel like I'm choking down chalky powder in my water. 

Lately, I have been experimenting with my beauty routine because I want to look absolutely freaking flawless on my wedding day (doesn't everyone? let's be honest here). I'm going to confess something to you guys that I really never wanted to tell you, but here it goes - I have tanned in a tanning booth for the majority of my adult life. My 2nd job when I was 13 years old was working at a tanning salon, and from there I basically got addicted to using the beds. For years, I would go back and forth with quitting the bad habit for health reasons and then running back to it because I felt ghostly and self-conscious. It is really, really bad for you, and my sweet dermatologist has had to cut so many things off of my skin throughout the years because of it. It has truly been a silent struggle of mine. But, when Sam and I got engaged last year and I started to 1) Think about the possibility of getting skin cancer and abandoning him, and 2) Growing deeper wrinkles and sun spots on my face because of the beds, I decided enough is enough. I needed to start taking care of myself from the inside out.

I reconsidered my entire beauty routine, from the products that I use, to falling asleep with makeup on, tanning beds, food, and supplements. A few months ago, this idea of collagen popped back into my life. I was staring at the first annoying wrinkle on my face in the mirror, willing it to go away like a pimple. I figured I had 2 options; I could spend a chunk of my paycheck on Botox and hope that I don't have to get it done again before our wedding, or I could attack the root issue and see if it's possible to actually repair my skin from the years of abuse. 

For the past 5 years during the workweek, I've drank my coffee black because I decided that I didn't want the extra sugar and calories of the staples that our office chooses to carry. On the weekends when I was home, I would "treat myself" to a super sugary Chai latte from somewhere like Starbucks. There was really no in between for me. Enter: collagen creamer. 

I didn't even realize that flavored collagen was a thing. Then Vital Proteins sent me this Coconut creamer (it also comes in Gingerbread and Vanilla) to try out and see if I liked. Spoiler alert: I fell in love from the first drop. Now, it's the first thing I reach for when I get to my office in the morning, and I actually look forward to the creamy latte feel of the coconut froth without the added calories and guilt. 

Just to recap here - something that's enjoyable, repairs my skin (aka wrinkles), nails, hair, joints, and digestion, AND isn't a pain in the ass to take daily? It's a no-brainer for me. 


1. Prevents the onset signs of aging: by increasing skin moisture levels, the development of lines and wrinkles diminish. Weirdly enough, this allows your makeup to sit better. Kind of like a primer. YES PLZ.

2. Reverses the signs of aging: not only does collagen prevent the signs of aging, it can actually reverse some signs such as fine lines, deep wrinkles, & reduced elasticity. This is MAJOR.

3. Improves digestion – two ways collagen helps digestion: 1.) it supports hydrochloric acid production in our stomach, which makes digestion easier & 2.) collagen helps to repair the sensitive lining & infrastructure of the stomach, & small/large intestines. Improving digestion has also been known to improve skin issues such as acne, eczema, & rosacea. It’s even helped with my leg rash.

4. Strengthens hair & nails: collagen protein is the foundation of hair & nails. Loyal collagen consumers notice that their hair and nails grow faster, stronger, & more luscious. This is often the first noticeable benefit of many from regular collagen intake. Kind of like Biotin on crack.

5. Helps with cellulite: Collagen is the protein that forms the connective tissue in your skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Structural changes in the skin such as weakened collagen can make cellulite more apparent because the skin thins, loses shape, and is less able to conceal the irregularities below the surface. Collagen has got your back, literally.

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