Sam and I: Get to Know Us

In case you missed this post last week, we announced that the blog would be gaining a new member! Not that Sam hasn't played a huge part in the blog's success thus far but, now he'll be in front of the camera rather than behind the scenes. We have now launched a men's style feature in addition to our current women's series. This way, when you're shopping for yourself, especially during the holidays, you can shop for your man (or brother, Dad, or son) at the same time! #bonus

Since you'll be seeing Sam's face around here a bit more, I thought it might be fun to do a quick interview to get to know us as a couple better! 

  1. How would you describe yourself? Anna: I would describe myself as very loving and determined. When I have an idea that I’m passionate about, I want it done yesterday (biggest weakness: my patience). Also, I’ve always been a hopeless romantic which works because Sam is the same way, most times even more so than I am. Sam: I would say that I am kind, loving, hard-working, and sensitive.
  2. What's the craziest dream you've ever had? Anna: Oh my gosh, I swear I have the craziest dreams. In part, I think it's because Sam insists on watching the crime channel right before we fall asleep. The craziest dream I’ve ever had was centered around waking up in our bed upstairs (Oliver sleeps downstairs on the couch – his favorite spot) and seeing Oliver standing at the foot of our bed with a butcher knife and a creepy look on his face. I couldn’t look at him the same for a week. Sam: When I was 19 I had surgery on my leg just below my right hip. I was bed ridden for nearly two months and the doctors had given me Percocets to help with the pain. After a couple weeks, I began to have lucid nightmares. One, in particular, remains in my memory because it was the first time I experienced sleep paralysis. I was having a nightmare about being tortured by a dentist, while restrained in one of those green mechanical chairs; when I woke up to see a dark figure at the end of the bed. My eyes were open but, I was completely paralyzed. I couldn’t move or scream for help, I just laid there, terrified, until finally I found the strength to wiggle my fingers and my motor function suddenly returned to the rest of my body. It was truly the craziest dream I’ve ever had. 
  3. What's your dream job? Anna: I would love to work for a non-profit company where I can plan fundraising events and assist with the day-to-day operations. As long as I can do that and run a successful blog, I will be happy. Sam: To travel the world together, eating local cuisines for a blog or television show.
  4. Who has been the most influential person in your life? Anna: Sam, for sure. I was such a different person before we began dating. He has truly brought out the best in me throughout the past 6 years; he has had a positive impact on every aspect of my life. Without his support, I don’t know that I would have been bold enough to launch this blog which has introduced me to so many incredible people and opportunities. I just think that I would be in a different place in my life had I turned down our first date. I never imagined that I would be with someone that makes me feel so comfortable in my own skin and loved. Sam: My father. He has worked incredibly hard to create a great life for my mother, brother and myself. He is a true gentleman, a wonderful dad and a great husband. Growing up watching him interact with my mother has made me into a respectful, charismatic, chivalrous, and driven young man. I believe that my relationship with Anna is as amazing as it is because I had such great parents who love one another.
  5. What's your all-time favorite movie? Anna: It has to be Pretty Woman. I was introduced to it by Sam last year and I have probably watched it 10 times since. I have a major girl crush on Julia Roberts (but really, who doesn't?). Sam: Young Frankenstein, my dad introduced me to Gene Wilder films like Blazing Saddles, I feel as though they just don't make comedies that good anymore.
  6. What's your favorite memory of your partner? Anna: One of my favorite memories is when I was living at Salisbury (we had only been dating for a few months when I left for college) and Sam had come up for Valentine’s Day weekend – our first one together. He brought a 7-foot tall teddy bear up to my dorm room along with 3 bouquets of roses, one for me and one for each of my roommates since they didn’t have boyfriends at the time. It was so thoughtful and it made them feel extra special. Sam: The day we drove to pick up Oliver in South Carolina, on the Georgia border. We drove 16 hours in one day to get our new 8-week old puppy. Seeing Anna hold this beautiful little ball of wrinkles in her lap made me feel, what I can only imagine equates to the next best thing to having a real child. I was so proud to have these two gorgeous beings in my life. That was the moment I knew that we would be together indefinitely.
  7. What's your partner's worst fear? Anna: Oh gosh, Sam is very claustrophobic. I remember one year for Halloween we went to a haunted house and they had this section that was a pitch-black hallway and you had to squeeze through it filled with stuffed nylon bags and everyone went at once. I have never seen him more terrified. Sam: Leaving for work in the morning and forgetting to have taken Oliver back inside.
  8. What does your perfect date look like? Anna: On the beach (probably at Tilghman) with Sam, a bottle of cold champagne, and Indian food, just watching the sunset and letting Oliver run circles around us. Sam: A weekend getaway, trying out a new restaurant and exploring the beach with Oliver.
  9. What would you do if you had one day left to live? Anna: I would want to do go skydiving or bungee jumping with my whole family, complete one big, anonymous act of kindness, and definitely eat all the carbs afterwards (hellloo truffle fries!) Sam: I would want to spend it in Canada at the cottage, with Anna, Oliver, cuddling together in bed, watching movies and then in the afternoon we would join my family and close friends for an enormous feast; in the evening we would sit down on the dock and watch the sun set.
  10. What's your favorite type of food? Least favorite type of food? Anna: Indian food is my most favorite (Lamb Saag and Garlic Naan - ommmgg). Least favorite would be oatmeal; I want so badly to like it but, the consistency just makes me gag. Sam: A nice grass fed, black angus, Del Monico, USDA prime, steak is my favorite. Extra rare, a little fajita seasoning, and I'm set. My least favorite food would have to be eggplant. Thankfully, Anna doesn't like it either. 
  11. What is your favorite vacation (or adventure) you've taken together? Anna: When we went to Ottawa two Summers ago for our anniversary! It has been my favorite city in Canada that we’ve visited so far. It was so beautiful and we had such a romantic trip. We did a lot of eating (the cinnamon sugar bear claw is a must) and walking around the cobblestone streets. We even had a fancy, schmancy martini at the Chateau that cost the equivalent of a dinner for two at home. We were laughing so hard digging around in their expensive lounge chairs like Sam said he used to do as a kid to look for change, I thought for sure we would get kicked out. Sam: Either our trip to San Antonio for my cousin's wedding (our first family trip together), or a couple years ago when we went to Ottawa for two nights after relaxing for a few days at the family cottage in Ontario.

If you're up for the challenge, get your partner involved and do this interview together as a fun activity for an at-home date night (we answered our questions separately and then shared with each other when we were finished)!

xo Anna Elizabeth