Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

ATTENTION MALE READERS (all 28 of you... lol): Valentine's Day is creeping up on us real quick. I'm sharing a gift guide today that will prevent you from getting caught with your pants down this year. Although... I hope that you didn't literally get caught with your pants down last year, either. That might have been quite awkward, no? In that case, maybe your starting over with a new girlfriend in 2017. So, take my advice and make a good impression this time around. Today, I'm rounding up my absolute favorite items for Valentine's Day for her. Gifts that, honestly, I wouldn't mind having myself. Sam? Are you listening? Hint* Hint*

Don't worry ladies, if you're reading this you can definitely buy these items for yourself or the women in your life. I mean, I would. Galentine's Day is a real thing too so, don't be afraid to treat yo' self. I know that I unwrapped many, many gifts on this day "To me, from me" before I met Sam. I also went through that necessary phase of hating Valentine's Day all together; as if it was the only day that year that reminded me that I was alone (NOT). Allllso a phase of eating two boxes of chocolates in a single sitting and crying like a lunatic during The Notebook. Thinking back though... that might have just been a normal Tuesday. Point is: whatever phase you're in in your life right now, just embrace it, babe. We all deserve a fancy, new gift and an extra large box of decadent, chocolates.

So, whether you're trying to impress her on your first Valentine's Day together, gifting your long-time love (or best friend) to something she wouldn't normally splurge on for herself, or you're simply going with the tried and true "treat yo' self" motto, below I'm starting you off with 20 of my favorites. 

Stay tuned, ladies, we're sharing our Valentine's Day gift guide for him later this week!

xo Anna Elizabeth