My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

Who's ready for round 2? If you read My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts from this past March, you know that I have a real-life obsession with this form of media. Ever since the beginning of the new year when I made my 2017 resolutions, I have stuck to the habit of listening to at least 1 podcast episode per day, sometimes 3 or even 4 while I am clicking away at work. Oftentimes, the episode can trigger something in me emotionally to the point that I am either laughing out loud, sobbing, fuming, or all of the above. Basssically, I look like a raging lunatic from approximately 8am to 11am, Monday through Friday. #NBD. 

I have always loved reading books or blogs, don't get me wrong. But I've realized that listening to a stranger's voice and truly connecting with them on that deeper level - almost as if you are face to face - is even more powerful. Especially if they are sharing a story that is raw and emotional.  

Another layer to this podcast obsession as of late has to do with the fact that podcasts can be profoundly inspiring and educational. And who doesn't love free education? Am I right? #Poor20SomethingPlanningAWedding over here. A lot of these channels are geared toward creative entrepreneurs or those looking to enrich their lives in general. I may have learned more in the past 9 months through these podcasts than I had during my 4 years in college. I am constantly scribbling down notes, new resources to check out, inspiring quotes, to-do lists, and goals for myself while listening.

Since there are an endless amount of podcast channels out there on the web (new ones are literally popping up every day), I can say with certainty that this will not be the last you hear from me on this topic. I am always on the hunt for new hosts and series, so I hope that you all love diving into them with me as much as I love sharing them with you!


01. The School of Greatness

I am actually quite upset that this channel was not on my list the last go-around. It is such a transformational podcast - this and Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger are the two channels that made me fall in love with podcasts to begin with. Lewis Howes is a true inspiration and he hosts guests each week - from NYT Best Selling authors, to YouTube sensations, famous scientists, MMA champions, and everything in between - that are intelligent, unique, motivating, and wildly successful. There is no question in my mind that I will learn something significant every time I hit 'play'. 

02. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

This is my newest favorite, for sure. You most likely know her through her Instagram or Snapchat; she is the woman behind 'The Skinny Confidential'. Lauryn and her husband, Michael, are seriously hilarious together. Their back and forth banter, and their unfiltered opinions bring a whole new level of realness to the topics they discuss. You'll find episodes about influencer marketing, botox and diet fads, relationships, business motivation, travel tips, and more. 

03. The Balanced Blonde

Jordan is the woman that has introduced me to many health-related topics like intuitive eating and balancing your hormones. She inspired my initial interest in holistic medicine and an overall healthier lifestyle. While I'm not into the 'crystal healing' or more involved topics that she discusses, she has a ton of episodes on accessible ways to weave a healthy mindset into your life and business. She also hosts a lot of other major wellness bloggers to talk about their business journeys, life in the LA food scene, and practicing yoga. 

04. Bridechilla 

This has been my favorite wedding podcast channel since Sam and I got engaged in June. It is equal parts entertaining and informative. I promised myself from the very beginning that I would NOT become a Bridezilla throughout this wedding planning process. And this podcast has absolutely kept me true to my word... so far, that is. Every time I feel like I may be drifting off the deep end (usually after reading one too many 'pricing guides'), I turn on Aleisha's voice and laugh with her over the ridiculousness of it all. From this podcast, I have found out the true meaning behind the oldest wedding traditions, listened to horror stories of contracts gone wrong, and learned how to embrace "The F*ck It Bucket". 

05. The Chasing Joy Podcast

Another one of my new favorites added to the list is The Chasing Joy Podcast by Georgie, blogger behind In it 4 the Long Run. This is also a primarily health-related podcast, but a bit different than The Balanced Blonde. Georgie talks more about business strategies, mental health, healing after an eating disorder, and gives her perspective on being a recent college Grad. Listening to her voice truly brings joy, energy, and positivity to my day. 


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What are your favorite podcast channels right now? Comment below or share them with me via Instagram

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