My Most Meaningful Wedding Purchase Yet

Hey, babes! I'm back for a quick update on everything wedding-related. I've gotten to meet a bunch of you beautiful ladies in person over the past few weeks at events around Baltimore, and one of the biggest questions I received was "how is the wedding planning process?" As we quickly approach our date this Summer, I've been surprised to find that I'm more relaxed than ever.

I've been checking off the "to-do's" one at a time and the big picture is really beginning to come together. More than anything, Sam and I have expressed how excited we are to be husband and wife after this whole thing. Of course, we are also beyond thrilled to celebrate our marriage with our closest family and friends and explore a place that none of us have ever traveled to before.

Being that I am a stylist and content creator, the design process of our wedding, along with choosing beautiful shoes, a dress, the vendors, and everything else has been an absolute dream. With that being said, when Sam and I went shopping a few weekends back to decide on wedding bands (something that we are going to wear on our finger every day, forever), it was a totally new feeling. It really brings you back around to the meaning behind a wedding and an engagement, and makes you see far into the future; beyond your wedding day. 

The thing that gave me ALL the feels was how excited Sam was to go shopping for our wedding bands. On our way to Meritage Jewelers he kept asking me, half-jokingly, if he could wear his wedding band now leading up to our wedding. I was laughing as we were talking about him sneaking it on (as opposed to off). I mean, if my biggest concern is that my fiancee is sneaking his wedding band on before our wedding, I think we're on the right track LOL. 

Ever since I have know Sam, he has been super interested in jewelry - specifically diamonds and watches. He is even more like a kid in a candy shop when we are at Meritage Jewelers than I am (and ya'll KNOW your girl can get down with some accessories). It was so much fun letting him take the reins and pull out everything he knew I would love, ask all of the fancy questions, and inspect the pieces at every angle. It was the first time in the wedding planning process that I felt I could just sit back and enjoy without a whole lot of input. 

Now, when it comes to design, Sam was pretty straightforward with his choice for a European 14 carat polished white gold band (6.5 mm thick). He tried on the Cobalt, brushed, and Titanium designs, but ultimately he wanted the more classic, timeless look. 

On the other hand, I was switching between 4 or 5 different styles over the course of an hour while sipping champagne at their "diamond bar". We went into Meritage Jewelers on Saturday thinking that I would definitely be leaving with a traditional design, but once they began pulling out their newest, trendy pieces I opened up a bit to exploring other options.

Although I loved the spaced-out circular diamonds, in the end I went with a traditional 3/4 diamond band matching perfectly to my engagement ring. I decided that I didn't want something that, in my mind, would take away from the main focus (the emerald stone). We also discussed that this would be best because if I wanted to add a flashier, trendy band down the road as an anniversary gift, it wouldn't clash with what I already have.  

Our diamond consultant, Kevin, was extremely accommodating the entire time we were shopping and let us try on anything we had our eye on (including a pink-faced Rolex datejust watch for me). We felt like the only 2 people in the entire store as we were browsing, snuggling, and sipping bubbly. It was definitely one of the most special moments we have had together throughout the wedding planning process thus far.

I know that people warned us in the beginning that it would feel like this time is flying by, but phew I could have never imagined it would go so quickly! I was getting teary-eyed while shopping just thinking about Sam putting this ring on my finger on our big day. 

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*This post was sponsored by Meritage Jewelers, a premium jewelry store located in Lutherville-Timonium. All words and opinions are my own.

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