DIY Valentine's Day Box for Your Besties


I’m officially labeling this my adult-version of passing out Valentine’s Day cards at school. Remember the cards with cute little stickers and sayings that you would beg your Mom to buy for you at Target or Walmart? Sometimes they would come with a little lollipop or a Starburst, and they felt so special! I remember the night before we were set to hand them out in our classrooms, I would sit down and carefully plan out who I wanted my favorite cards to go to (obviously my crush and my besties). It was such a fun tradition!

Fast forward to now and I’m just not ready to give up that feeling. Since Sam doesn’t exactly fawn over pink crystals and flowery mementos, I wanted to make a gift box for the women in my life this year! There’s not many holidays that we get to celebrate and appreciate the ladies that support us everyday. So, I wanted to find a cute gift that I could give to my sisters, my Mom, and my girlfriends without spending a fortune.

The possibilities for the type of goodies you could add to a gift set like this are endless! I picked up a few pink beauty products, my favorite mini candle, dainty jewelry, and more. Feel free to get creative with the process and really tune into what your best gals would love to receive.

Without further ado, today I am sharing the 4 variations that I curated for the ladies in your life this Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day!

diy box
diy gift
valentines day
diy valentines day
diy gift box
diy tutorial
valentines day diy
bestie gifts

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xo Anna Elizabeth

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