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For me, my hair truly sets the tone for how confident I am going to feel throughout the day in terms of my appearance. Now trust me, I am a huge fan of the messy bun on a Saturday when I just want to get some work done in my home. But I find that if I am going into the office, an event, or going out for a date night with Sam, fussing with my hair or feeling self-conscious that my dry shampoo overload is coming off onto my black dress just doesn't put me in a 'feel-good' mood. I think it's nice to have a routine when getting ready for the day. So, first and foremost I focus on my hair. I find that if I nail that one element down, the rest of my look naturally falls in place. 

This season, one hairstyle kept popping up over and over again in my morning routine. I finally realized that I was swaying toward this specific curl because it is so easy and looks like a lot more effort went into it than it truly required. I have been using a hair wand for a few years now and I'm a little embarrassed to admit that it took me this long to finally get the hang of it. Before, I would find that the curls were inconsistent; some days they would turn out beautifully, and the next I looked like I just got caught up in a tornado on my way to work.

In July, I decided that I wanted to use a mermaid-esque curl for my styled engagement session (read more about that here). So, I started researching on YouTube the correct way to curl your hair using this wand. I also had recently picked up bits and pieces of the new Kristin Ess line from Target. To say that I am obsessed with these products would be a tremendous understatement. P.S. - this post is not sponsored. P.S.S. - Kristin Ess Team, if you're reading this, I totally wouldn't mind if it was #HMU. 

My favorite products from her line with Target are the Instant Lift Thickening Spray, Dry Working Texture Spray, and The One Signature Conditioner. They smell seriously amazing and are all under $15. They also work as a huge added bonus when curling my hair using this wand (or really, styling in any way that I want to be "Instagram-worthy"). 

I would categorize this curl as beachy and relaxed. This is a curl that I don't mind my car windows being down on a warm September day on, a curl that doesn't require a lot of 'checking in', and one that gives me the confidence that I need without the high-maintenance feel of a traditional barrel curl. 


My Everyday Curl (from start to finish):

  1. Wash hair in the shower using a volume based shampoo or conditioner (I recommend Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Daily Shampoo). 
  2. Towel dry hair; get excess water out. 
  3. Spray 4-5 pumps of Thickening Spray into your hair, starting with your roots all the way to the ends. Make sure this is evenly distributed. 
  4. Blow dry hair with your head upside down for maximum volume. 
  5. Once dry, using your heated wand, grab a 1-inch section of your hair on the bottom (closest to your neck). 
  6. Turn the wand upside down, cord closest to your head. Wrap the 1-inch section of hair around the wand in an outward curl, starting from the highest point. *Make sure you are using a heat-resistant glove; it should come with the wand. 
  7. Hold hair on wand until you can feel the heat coming through the glove. Release. 
  8. Continue curling your hair in 1-inch sections outward, with the wand held upright and upside down. 
  9. Once hair is fully curled, take a hair brush and lightly brush throughout your full head. This makes the curls much smoother and less separated. 
  10. Spray 4-5 pumps of Working Texture Spray throughout your hair, mostly focusing on the middle and ends of the curls. Using your fingers, comb through and allow the spray to give your hair a bit of added texture. This should give you more of a relaxed, beachy hairstyle. 
  11. Once done, lightly spray Extra-Body Finishing Spray to hold the hairstyle in place. 

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