Solving My Biggest Beauty Insecurity

Let’s talk about beauty insecurities. Although I like to think of myself as self-assured and overall positive about my body image and appearance, let’s be real - I don't walk around 24/7 with Beyoncé-level confidence. Some days I feel like my eyebrows are lopsided, my hair is too flat, or that the bag of chips I scarfed down after a stressful day has me bloated in all the wrong places. 

Since I was little, my biggest insecurity has been my smile. Before I got braces, I had a gap between my two front teeth that was so big, I could literally slide a pencil in between. Even after years of braces, I couldn't see past all of those minor imperfections in the mirror. A tiny gap here; a coffee stain there. I still didn't feel confident enough to rock the bold red lip and a bright smile in group photos. As a nine to five'r, I am constantly on the go, drinking black coffee, curing my long days with a glass of red wine, and sometimes the "whitening toothpaste" that I have just isn't enough to undo the damage. 

Earlier this year, I wrote a post on the blog about self-care and how important it is to your overall happiness. When I was writing that, I decided that it was finally time for me to put myself first and do something about this insecurity of mine. I have always said that a great smile or laugh is the most attractive physical quality a person can have. And I was tired of deleting photos of me smiling or shying away from talking on Instagram stories. I finally made the leap and got Invisalign to make my teeth as perfect as I had dreamed of when I was a little girl getting teased about my "bunny teeth".

Then, as fate would have it, Smile Brilliant contacted me about working together with their professional, at-home whitening trays shortly after. I started using them and immediately noticed that my teeth were brighter and whiter than any toothpaste, mouthwash, or drugstore strip had ever promised. The Smile Brilliant whitening kit is definitely my favorite beauty tool that I have tried recently - the results are immediate (seriously; after 1-2 sessions) and the desensitizing gel that is included ensures that your teeth aren't aching afterwards (a major issue I had with prior whitening tools). 

Although I'm not quite finished with my Invisalign trays, already in the past few months I have noticed a huge shift in the way that I look in the mirror or at photos of myself. I feel more confident, I am laughing unapologetically, and I finally have the smile that I've always wished for. 

Also, as you may have already read, Sam and I got engaged recently. So, I know that my smile is going to be on center-stage for all of the special events and photos in this next year, and needless to say, I could not be happier about it!

*I'm not wearing lipstick/face makeup in the 'After' photo. The tiny bumps on my teeth are Invisalign. Photo taken by me.*

How Smile Brilliant works: 

The full kit includes: 1 set of custom trays (upper and lower), and 9-27 whitening applications (depending on light/heavy stains and tooth sensitivity).

When your kit arrives, you'll want to take your dental impressions using the tray and putty that they provide. Mail these back in the pre-addressed envelope provided. Once they receive your impressions, they will ship back your customized trays in approximately 3-5 business days. 

Once you receive your customized trays, use the whitening gel every day or every other day for the quickest and best results.

Rinse your mouth and trays after you use the whitening gel. Immediately use the desensitizing gel after each whitening session for 20 minutes but do not rinse your mouth. Let the gel stay on as long as possible. 

Whiten until you notice that your teeth are not becoming brighter after sessions. 

Tip: If your gums become sensitive, apply a small amount of Vaseline to your gums prior to applying the whitening trays. This will help to create a barrier on your gums. 

Read more about Smile Brilliant here.


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Photography by: Jade Nikkole Photo: Website / Facebook / Instagram


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