A Change of Pace

I've mentioned on social media recently that a bit of change would be coming to the blog and, well, today is the day and I couldn't be more excited! It's not my darker hair, although that's a big change for me as well. If you've been following along on the blog, it's likely that you're familiar with Sam, my boyfriend of almost 6 years. One thing that you wouldn't have known is that he has phenomenal style - sometimes I swear that his wardrobe is better than mine (in many ways, it is!)

Sam has been a huge part of Anna Elizabeth, although it has been mostly behind the scenes - editing, photographing, and advertising. However, after discussing the future of Anna Elizabeth with him a few months ago, we both decided that we'd like to steer it in the direction of a women and men's style blog (as well as keeping other series like cooking/cocktails, personal posts, and more). 

There is a growing market for men's style on weekly blogs; gone are the days of over-sized sports jerseys, lacrosse shorts, and flip flops. Ever since I've known Sam (fun fact: we met in high school), I've admired his unique sense of style. I would describe his style as relaxed without being "sloppy". He's always been able to pull off the "cool guy" look, sometimes discovering new fashion trends even before I do.

A large majority of our readers are either dating or married so, what better way to shop than to do it for yourself and your man at the same time? It can be hard to coordinate outfits with your partner without seeming too "matchy-matchy", especially during the cooler seasons for family photos and special events. So, I'm excited to re-launch our style series now just in time for the holidays!

Most weekends Sam and I spend downtown in Baltimore, grabbing brunch at our new favorite place (Order & Chaos), exploring with Oliver, or just relaxing inside our townhome. We've always had a very playful relationship so, we're constantly laughing and joking around and I love how our photographer, Jade Nikkole, was able to capture that in this first session. 

I'm excited for this new chapter with Anna Elizabeth and I hope you all are, too!

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How are ya'll feeling about this blog announcement and our men's style feature? Let me know!

xo Anna Elizabeth