Styling Polka Dots for Spring

Hey babes! I am so excited to share this fun, Spring shoot that Kristi, blogger behind Shop Tini, and I shot a few weekends back. Can you believe that these beautiful pink blossom trees were in the heart of downtown Baltimore? Somehow I swear they were even dreamier in person. Kristi and I spent the morning dancing, giggling, and taking photos with Jade from Jade Nikkole Photography.

One of my absolute favorite (and unexpected) things about blogging and being a stylist in Baltimore is getting the opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and creative ladies; some of which have quickly become my closest girlfriends. The first time that Kristi and I were able to connect in real life, we hit it off immediately, talking about our significant others, careers, and experience in this industry. We were friends over Instagram for a bit before finally having brunch together with a group of Baltimore bloggers downtown. 

I'll be the first to admit that navigating new friendships as an adult can be tough. It seems like once we leave behind our college days, it becomes significantly more difficult to find and meet new friends outside of our work environment without feeling like a total freak. Because I work with mostly older women (with established families and children), even making that connection can be tricky at times.

I remember many times in tears that I expressed to Sam that I had felt a little alone in the city in regards to girlfriends (especially since Sam travels during the week). When I was younger, I was always surrounded by my sisters and closest friends. But, as people move away and start families of their own, it can be difficult to keep up those close relationships, especially in person.

That's why having an excuse to reach out to women over Instagram or make the introduction at events has been such a blessing. I am thankful to grow a genuine tribe in this blogging community over the past few years and connect with women one-on-one in Baltimore for support or even a simple coffee date.

Kristi and I recently were chatting about how the connection between bloggers differs so much from that of childhood friends, family, or colleagues. As women in this ever-changing, creative industry, we understand, support, and can cheer each other on through the unique challenges and "wins" that only we experience.

It's funny to think that if we weren't in this space, Kristi and I probably would have never made the connection. Since then, we have attended events together, walked in a fashion show, and are even planning a double-date with our significant others.

My advice for ladies out there navigating new friendships as an adult is go for it. Put yourself out there and make the introduction to set up a coffee date or to meet at a local event. Even if you aren't in the blogging community, you can still make connections through a mutual interest or even something as simple as a hashtag on Instagram. The more you do it, the more you'll feel comfortable reaching out and expanding your tribe beyond a screen. Life is too short to go through it without girlfriends and genuine, supportive relationships.

Now, let's get to this polka dot skirt from TopShop. You babes are not going to believe it, but I was able to snag this mini ruffle skirt from Nordstrom Rack for only $11! I swear I am always on the hunt for a great deal.

My favorite way to style polka dots for Spring (especially a dark-colored fabric) is with a bright, feminine piece like this pink, bell-sleeve sweater from Heartloom. When it comes to my personal style, I prefer to pair a patterned piece with a solid color so it doesn't overwhelm the eye. This polka dot skirt is definitely the main attraction for this look and I don't want to take away from the detail of it with a conflicting pattern.

You've seen this beret styled already for Fall and Winter, but I wanted to bring it into this Spring look to show just how versatile the piece truly is. Also, they are like REALLY on sale right now b/c Summer; I've linked a bunch of my favorites at the bottom of this post. This cream beret is hands-down one of my favorite accessories in my collection because I feel like it goes well with any look, no matter what Maryland weather throws at us. I used it here for a touch of Parisian-flair to go with my mini skirt and nude pumps. 

Jade Nikkole Photography: Website / Facebook / Instagram

Kristi, Shop Tini: Blog / Instagram


Fiona Sweater by Heartloom

How do you feel about polka dots for Spring? Comment on the last photo on my Instagram feed and tell me your thoughts or tag me in your favorite Spring style!

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