Ruffled Culotte Jumpsuit Bloggers Style

A few weekends back, the girls and I decided to head to downtown Annapolis for a relaxed morning filled with ice cream, Summer fashion, and a whole lot of pictures. Blogging in the city of Baltimore is what brought all of us together; connecting at various events over happy hour, sharing our love of The Bachelorette, and obviously chatting all things fashion-related.

My mission of growing a tribe of supportive boss babes as an adult is so close to my heart. Each of us blog independently (and have full-time corporate jobs), and let me just tell you that if it weren't for community, the creative career of blogging could easily be a lonely and draining one. With countless hours spent behind a computer, editing, curating, promoting, negotiating, writing, and trying not to get caught up in the comparison trap of Instagram or blog deals, having friendships to rely on and lend support is key. Every time we get together, it reminds me that the high's and low's of this industry are not experienced in solitary.

Each of us shoot the majority of our content alone, so when we get together and organize a group shoot, it always feels extra special and fun, and this day was no exception. 

From left to right: Sydney (@coffeestainedlace), Me (@lifestylebyannaelizabeth), Vanessa (@theprimpysheep), Colleen (@collectivelycolleen), and Ashley (@ash_c0). 

It was particularly hot and humid for Annapolis and we decided to cool down with ice cream from a local shop on West Street. By the time we walked down to the pier to take a few shots, it had melted into more of a puddle than a pretty dessert. My cherry blossom cone in particular was melting a sweet and speedy death from the moment I stepped foot back outside. By the time Jade Nikkole was able to get a few group photos, we were bent over in fits of laughter from the absurdity of it all. The sidewalk was covered in splashes of pink, green, white and purple, and people downtown were starting to stare. We had officially deemed it the Great Ice Cream Massacre of 2018. 

Now a little about my outfit and my favorite bag of the Summer. Most of you are probably familiar with the iconic Cult Gaia Ark Bag that is on every stylist's and celebrity's must-have list. I have been lusting after the bamboo clutch for quite some time, but I couldn't justify the $250 for a trendy accessory. Even the mini design is still a hefty $150. Need I remind you that we are getting married this Summer (like soon), and this babe is on a serious budget. Luckily, I've become a (self-proclaimed) master at finding incredible deals online as a result.

As a new Amazon Prime member, I was searching through their Fashion section when I came across the exact dupe! It was $40 and had hundreds of raving customer reviews. I took a chance and ordered it, and the moment I got it in the mail I could sense that it would be my newest favorite. The design is identical to the Cult Gaia Ark Bag and the quality is phenomenal, especially for a bag under $50. The only thing it is missing is the Cult Gaia logo; otherwise, it is the exact same as the pricer version. It even came with a beautiful scarf as an accessory to tie on. A few of the girls have the real version of the Cult Gaia bag and side by side, I swear we couldn't tell the difference. 

It is the "it-bag" of Summer and I have been using every excuse to wear it out, whether for a date night, weekend out with friends, or just running errands around the city. The classic design goes with all of the Summer colors and prints I love, and I have a feeling it's going to be around for years to come. 

I snagged this pink culotte jumpsuit from Nordstrom for less than $80 and I love the feminine ruffle details and the criss-cross design. Tip: make sure you size down when ordering as the design runs large; I am wearing a XXS in these photos for reference. In addition to dressing it up on the weekends, it has been on rotation for an easy work outfit.

My blush sandals and tassel necklace are both from Francescas, and they are each on sale for under $30! The sandals were the perfect addition to my feminine, blush pink closet, and I have gotten so many compliments on them already. 

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How do you navigate and nurture friendships in your career field? Comment on the last photo on my Instagram feed and tell me or tag me in your favorite Summer style!

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