3 Brands I Can't Stop Shopping this Season

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You know when you discover a brand online or in-person and you wonder where the heck they’ve been all your life? It seems like everything you’ve been searching for for the past 5 years is in this store, all magically in-stock in your size, and, bonus, the price tags are actually insane (but, like, in a good way).

That’s exactly how I feel about these 3 brands.

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Forever21 was a staple in my life back in the day when it was practically the only trendy store that I could afford in our local mall. Over the years, I lost touch with this brand and it wasn't until recently that I realized how cute and affordable their selection truly is (to be fair, I feel like they’ve significantly improved over the years).

It’s pretty obvious that they copy the designs of many high-end fashion labels, but with lower quality pieces, they are able to offer on-trend options at a fraction of the price. Personally, I don’t invest a lot of money into fast-fashion pieces anyway. I’d rather buy these items from Forever21 for less and wear them for a season or two while saving my big purchases for timeless wardrobe staples like my Chanel purse or a quilted Winter coat.

Forever21 is my go-to for inexpensive, but cute bodysuits, sweaters, and dresses for date night. They also have an amazing selection of blush pink clothing at the moment, so there’s really no question that I’m stocking up my closet with ALL of the essentials.


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Another brand that I’ve been wearing on repeat this Summer is Princess Polly. (The floral mini dress I’m wearing in these photos is from there and under $50!) I’ve been gravitating toward their mini dresses, mini skirts, and jumpsuits lately because they make me feel a little extra sexy.

With a petite 5’1 frame, I usually struggle to find mini dresses and skirts that are the perfect length for my body and show off my legs. Princess Polly has been coming in clutch in this category because they tend to be shorter than most other brands. Their pieces are designed to empower women and help them embrace their edgier style while remaining flirty and feminine.

Princess Polly

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ChicWish is the #1 brand that I have been most surprised by over the past 2 years. I’m generally a skeptical shopper online, so when I stumbled upon their website a couple years back, I was afraid to order anything because their prices seemed so low. Thankfully, I took my chances and ordered a few, inexpensive items to try out, and I have not looked back since. Every single piece that I get in the mail from them comes exactly as described, fits true to size, and is great quality for the price.

I have been lucky enough to partner with them on several occasions (although this post is not sponsored), and I’ve been able to test out every category they have online to ensure that I’m recommending a great brand to you.

ChicWish is my go-to for classy, feminine style clothing, and I wear their dresses (this one has been the MOST popular with ya’ll), blouses, and skirts time and time again.


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