10 Items to Remember When Packing for Summer Vacation


You know that moment of panic when you hop into your Uber (or even worse - are walking down the gate to your terminal) and the feeling like you’re forgetting something major pops into your head? You’re sure that you double (no, triple) checked your bags, and yet your luggage still feels a little too light…

Can you relate?

No one wants to arrive at the most picturesque destination only to discover that they didn’t pack the super cute bathing suit, sunglasses, or set of pajamas that they had so carefully shopped and styled for each occasion.

We both know that in the era of social media, what you wear on vacation is important. There is certainly no judgement here for wanting that Insta-worthy shot captioned, “Out of Office”. You earned this, babe.

Vacation is a time to get outside of your comfort zone and ditch your daily uniform in favor of the fun and flirty pieces that really feel like Summer. Want to wear a tee that says “I Believe in Vacation”, or a cover-up that’s reaaaally not covering a whole lot up? Go for it!

While my wardrobe mainly stays in the family of pink year-round, I do gravitate toward brighter shades, bold prints, tassels, pom-poms, and flowy cover-ups while on vacation.


One of my favorite pieces so far this season is this embroidered, pom-pom maxi dress by ChicWish under $70. I just love how soft the fabric is, and the casual fit for a daytime dress! I’m wearing a size X-Small and it is true to size (as is all of the items I’ve gotten so far with ChicWish).

Also, a bonus for all of you petite gals out there, the elastic waistband in this dress is perfect if you need to adjust the length (you just move it up a bit higher for a more billowy top).


In honor of this long, holiday weekend and my own Summer vacation creeping up, I’ve gathered my list of must-have fashion staples (aka everything that will be in my suitcase), PLUS my favorites for you to shop!


Bathing suits

Maxi dresses






Beach Bag





Sun Hat

Bold accessories


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What are your Summer vacation essentials? Comment on the last photo on my Instagram feed and tell me, or tag me in your favorite vacation selfie!

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xo Anna Elizabeth

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