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pink one piece bathing suit

One little known fact about me is that I am the budget QUEEN. Just ask Sam; he knows how seriously I take my (now, our) finances. Just yesterday, happy tears welled up in my eyes when I did a few calculations and confirmed that I would be paying off the very last of my credit card debt from our wedding and business equipment next Friday.

Fun fact: one of my personal goals for 2019 was to be debt free (aside from our 1 car; we don’t currently own a home).

Although being a fashion and lifestyle blogger naturally means that I buy and share the latest trends, I do so knowing that you (and I) are not rolling in money. Otherwise, I would probably be typing this from my blush pink yacht docked in Mykonos. Hey, a girl can dream.

It’s extremely rare that I add any item to my closet that is over $200 (that’s why the majority of the clothes and accessories I link are within this range). If I decide to splurge on something, know that it is a well-thought out purchase that I planned and budgeted for in advance. Or… Sam surprised me with it because he knew that I would never justify the purchase on my own.

The pink bathing suit that I’m wearing in these photos (the one that ya’ll love so much) I went back and forth on for a week because it was pricier than my usual $20 picks. I must have checked the website 15 times before I finally added it to my cart to check out.

Although this one in particular is a little on the higher end of the budget spectrum, it was on sale and I knew that the designer was known for making very high-quality pieces. In case you’re wondering (if these photos of me cheesing ear to ear weren’t proof enough), it was the best decision ever. I’m 100 percent positive that I have never loved a swimsuit more.

That being said, I just don’t feel the need to blow a ton of money on bathing suits that I’m going to wind up soaking in chlorine or ocean water, spilling chips and guac on, and probably forgetting in our hotel room when we head home anyway. I am still shocked by the basic one-pieces (or, god forbid a single triangle top) going for $350 and up online. Who is buying these!? Where are they going!? Clearly, we don’t belong to the same pool.

pink one piece bathing suits
pink bathing suits

My point is, by now I am a self-proclaimed expert in scouring the “sale” tab on my favorite shops online, and spending hours in consignment shops just to find that 1 good deal (last time it was a NEW Rebecca Minkoff satchel for under $80). I appreciate a great price tag, especially on items that I know I’ll be switching up often like bathing suits, and I know you do too.

Since bathing suits aren’t exactly something you can skip out on (I mean… unless you’re planning some sort of nude beach situation), I spent hours finding the cutest and most budget-friendly (ranging from $15 to $150) and rounding up my favorites for you to get through this season in style!

Before you skip to start shopping, make sure to take a peek at the very bottom of this post for an extra special surprise. We are giving away a $400 Amazon gift card to 1 lucky reader to kick off their Summer wardrobe (or swimwear collection)!

cute one piece bathing suits
best budget swimwear

Pretty in pink

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pink bathing suits for summer
pink swimwear


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vacation swimwear essentials
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