Gingerbread Pecan Chocolate Bark


Are you feeling festive yet?

We are officially counting down to Christmas and I still can’t wrap my head around how quickly it has crept up on us! I always feel like I’m so prepared and ahead of the curve right around Cyber Monday when I check gift-buying off of my to-do list. But, here we are now 3 weeks later and I haven’t wrapped a single one. I mean, I haven’t even watched ELF yet, if we’re really being honest.

This weekend Sam and I have a few festive activities on our calendar, like visiting the tree farm, having a Hallmark-movie marathon, and baking some desserts for friends and family. I’m excited to escape the chaos for a couple days and to simply enjoy the holiday season before the quick transition to New Years.

One festive dessert that I had yet to try out myself until this year was chocolate bark. I’m sure that you all have heard of it because it is a holiday classic and it’s super simple to whip up for parties and events!

Essentially, all that is required of you is melting chocolate and spreading it out on a pan. Then, if you are feeling exxxtra fancy, you can add a second layer of another variety (like I did here) - or you can jump straight into toppings.

The options for toppings are endless, so feel free to get creative with your masterpiece!

Personally, I’m a sucker for all things gingerbread-related when it comes to Christmas, and I basically scarf down chocolate year-round, so I felt that it was the perfect combination. I used real ginger snaps as opposed to gingerbread cookies for a stronger, less artificial flavor. I also decided to do half milk chocolate and half white chocolate to make the ginger snaps pop against the white, but it all depends on your flavor preference.

This dessert only takes 10 minutes or less to put together, and then you just have to let it set in the fridge for a couple hours. It’s perfect for weekday office potlucks or a spur of the moment ugly sweater party snack!



  • 2 Cups Milk Chocolate Chips

  • 2 Cups White Chocolate Chips

  • 5-6 Ginger Snaps (or Gingerbread Cookies)

  • 1/2 Cup Whole Pecans (optional)


  1. Start by toasting the whole pecans in a non-stick pan over medium/low heat. Stir occasionally until fragrant (about 5-10 minutes), then remove from heat. Let cool before crushing or cutting them into bits.

  2. Prep ginger cookie pieces by crushing them into bits. *I used a plastic zip-lock bag and the underside of a bowl to do this.

  3. Line a 9x13 baking tray with parchment paper.

  4. Then, in 30-second intervals, melt milk chocolate chips in a medium glass bowl in the microwave until fully melted and combined. Make sure to stir well in between each interval.

  5. Transfer melted chocolate into prepared pan and spread into a thin even layer using a spatula or underside of a spoon.

  6. Repeat process for the white chocolate chips, and add on top of the milk chocolate layer.

  7. Sprinkle your ginger cookies and toasted pecans onto the chocolate and press in slightly. (Don’t be shy with the toppings; I found that I liked the bark more when it was completely covered).

  8. Refrigerate for 2 hours to set. Poke with a knife to break the chocolate into pieces.


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What is your go-to dessert for the holidays? Comment on my latest Instagram photo and tell me, or tag me in your homemade Gingerbread Pecan Chocolate Bark!

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