15 Holiday Desserts to Make This Year


What dessert comes to mind when you think of the holidays?

For me, the 3 prominent flavors have always been peppermint, cranberry, and gingerbread (hence, my gingerbread chocolate bark this year). Sam knows I have a major sweet tooth, so during this extra joyful season, I coincidently find sweet treats like peppermint flavored popcorn, gingerbread cookies, and other goodies popping up in our grocery cart during our weekly haul, or on my lap after he has “just run out to the store for 1 thing”.

As a couple, we are always trying to find excuses to stay home rather than leaving the house, so on the weekends we love to bake together and test out new dessert recipes. And by “bake together”, I really mean that I tell him “I’m trying out a new recipe”, and when I’m covered in flour 30 minutes later and asking him a string of questions about “how to do _” and “what if I want to triple it?”, he winds up right there beside me in the kitchen until the dessert is done.

It’s my favorite way to rope him into baking with me while the Christmas tree lights up the house and a cheesy Hallmark movie plays in the background. What can I say? The holidays tend to make life (and marriage) just a little bit sweeter.

I shared my own signature dessert recipe last week on the blog, but since I know that all of us are attending a slew of parties and events, I wanted to share a few other festive treats as well to keep the sugar high going strong!

These desserts are sure to impress your fellow party-goers, in-laws, and may even land you on Santa’s good side. So, without further ado, here are 15 Pinterest-worthy holiday desserts to make this year!

1. Gingerbread Cookie Bars

Source: Feasting on Fruit

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What is your go-to dessert for the holidays? Comment on my latest Instagram photo and tell me!

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