15 Things to do this January for a Successful Year

We all know that January is a time for fresh starts. This new year in particular embodied that meaning even more so because it began on a Monday.

We flew home from Montana the evening before, but I decided to spend a few hours in the morning on New Years Day in bed with a cup of warm tea and my journal, writing down reflections from the past year, and goals or resolutions heading into 2018.

Although resolutions don't always get the best reputation, I still find them extremely important (and useful) throughout my year. When I start to feel off-center, or lose focus or motivation, I always return to those resolutions and goals that I wrote down on January 1st. This year, I decided to break up my resolutions into 5 categories of my life (health, personal, work, relationships, and dreams) to make them a bit more specific and achievable.

I also recognize the importance of action taking centered around those goals - especially during this first month. While we have the momentum of a new start in January, it's the best time to take steps toward a successful year. 

Now I know that making resolutions isn't for everyone, but more than likely, looking back at the end of 2018, you don't want to be sitting in the same exact place you are right now. That is why growth and change are so beautiful. It doesn't have to be a move across the country, a vow to lose 50 pounds, clearing out your bank account for a new yoga retreat, or something monumental and loud. I've found that the biggest (and happiest) changes in my life have come from small steps day after day in the right direction. 

15 Things to do this January for a Successful Year

  1. Journal at least 1 page about the past year (your high's and low's)
  2. Set goals for the new year (break it up into 4-5 categories to get more specific)
  3. Sign up for something new (cooking classes, guitar lessons, a boxing gym)
  4. Refresh your wardrobe (donate items you haven't worn in the past year, have stains or tears, or aren't aligned with your style anymore)
  5. Buy a new planner or Day Designer
  6. Clean your house (nothing feels better than a pretty and organized space)
  7. Start every morning with 1 thing you are grateful for (before you grab your phone)
  8. Splurge on 1 new item as incentive (a smart alarm clock, fitness gear, kitchen gadget, beauty cream)
  9. Schedule a lunch or dinner date with a friend or family member
  10. Start a new book
  11. Rethink your self-care routine (literally schedule in "you" time every week) 
  12. Get moving (try to get outside at least once a day, even if it's cold)
  13. Sign up to volunteer your time
  14. Re-evaluate your budget (find out what you can reasonably cut out)
  15. Write down 3 words or a quote that you want to define your new year

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xo Anna Elizabeth