My Year in Review

From fashion, all the way to mindset, there have been some major shifts in my life this year. 2017 has been a year that I undoubtedly will never forget. Of course there have been up's and down's, but overall I have been in such an amazing place this year. I can confidently say that 2017 has been the happiest time of my life. I made so many incredible memories and was surrounded by the most loving and supportive group of people I could have imagined. I feel so grateful for everything that has transpired. 

The biggest and most obvious milestone in 2017 is that Sam and I got engaged! After 6 years of dating, he proposed at the CN Tower in Toronto on the anniversary of our first date. We are currently in the process of planning an intimate destination wedding for the coming year. It was a difficult decision, but the only one that felt truly aligned with our relationship. 

Another major shift is that I relaunched the blog as Lifestyle by Anna Elizabeth in early 2017. This relaunch allowed me to pause and re-evaluate where I see the blog going, my 'brand' as a whole, and what content feels right in my heart to share.

After the relaunch, I brought Sam on board to shoot style content with me which was something I had been toying with for a bit. He has always played a part behind the scenes, but it has been amazing to have his direct input and masculine fashion sense at the forefront this year. 

We had the opportunity to work with more brands and boutiques in 2017 than ever before. It has been such a rewarding experience getting to know the boss moguls behind the brands and connecting with each of their audiences. Not to mention, we've been able to bring you all our very favorite products/wardrobe pieces from these new collections. 

Also, we were able to travel to places entirely new to us like Toronto, Niagara Falls, Nashville, and Montana (on a flight here as we speak)! 

Like I mentioned, it has been a year that we absolutely will not forget. 2018 has big, wide shoes to fill and I can't wait to see what is in store for us. I will be sharing my goals and resolutions for the coming year when we get back from Montana. In the meantime, Happy New Year to all of you incredible readers! Thank YOU for supporting the blog, providing feedback, and helping us grow throughout 2017! XOXO

Below I am recapping my blog posts from 2017 and how I feel about the shift in each series: 


Fashion favorites: blush pink, pointed toe heels, cashmere berets, rompers and jumpsuits, dainty jewelry, textured knits, faux fur vests, lace details. 

This has been the first year that I haven't felt like a total fashion fraud. I finally feel like I've found my personal style without mimicking others, whether intentional or not. Over the past year, I've been able to refine my personal style into uniquely feminine, with a color palette focused on blush pink and shades of white. The most fun is when one of my readers tags me in a photo or sends me a DM with a feminine outfit or detail shot they know I'll love. It makes me feel like I might be doing this whole 'branding' thing right at last. 

Shooting fashion content has always been my favorite because, aside from collaborating with new brands, each shoot takes us to a new location we wouldn't have visited otherwise. This year alone, we shot with Jade Nikkole Photography (our go-to gal) on a rooftop pool, edge of a cliff at sunrise, parking garages overlooking the city, the iconic Cherry Blossoms in DC, orchards, vineyards, monuments, churches, coffee shops, and more. 


Lifestyle favorites: Goal Digger podcast, calming dog treats, unique date ideas, engagement journaling, styled shoots, BMORE blogging community. 

The biggest shift on this blog series has been the obvious name change: from Anna Elizabeth Events to Lifestyle by Anna Elizabeth! It was a scary leap of faith that I took in the very beginning of 2017. I totally re-branded the blog and changed platforms so that I could design something that was more aligned with my vision. It was my biggest and boldest "pivot" to date. And, although the first few weeks were a roller coaster of emotions, the end result has been a thousand times worth it. 

This year, I dove a little deeper into relationship posts, my personal struggles, and I definitely rounded up my fair share of podcasts. I discussed what Sam and I have learned over 6 years of dating, and what we do to keep our relationship alive and healthy. I also wrote about our dog's struggle with separation anxiety, my up's and down's with wedding planning, and other personal topics. 

I have been devoting more of my time to sharing what is going on behind the photos and perfectly-captioned social media posts. You all are following along with my life, after all, and it's no secret that life isn't always pretty. This year I have been more intentional about sharing all areas of it rather than simply fashion or recipes, and I hope to continue speaking on these more meaningful topics with you in 2018!


Food favorites: Pinnertest, cauliflower pizza, kombucha, matcha bowls, Indian food, The Food Market. 

The biggest change by far in this series has been Sam and my personal health journey. A few months into the year, we decided to do a blood test to find out more about our health and what was causing various issues and complications. I wrote a full post about this process, but we found out that we were intolerant (even one extreme case) to foods/drinks that were in our daily diet. 2017 for us has been about relearning what fuels our bodies and makes us run at full capacity.

Cutting out wheat from our diets initiated the most note-worthy shift in the recipes we share and where we choose to eat out at while in the city or traveling. It has caused us to get creative in the kitchen and at restaurants and it has been an incredible learning experience. 


Beauty favorites: loose curls, nude lip, neutral nails, long lashes, Kristin Ess, smokey eye, Olaplex. 

There has been an obvious visual shift in my Beauty series this year: from short brunette to long blonde hair! I am getting back to my 'roots' with the blonde for our wedding and have been focusing on hair care a lot recently. 2017 was a year of self-care for me in every area of my life, but especially beauty. As a girl that wasn't afraid to admit she slept with her makeup on regularly, things have changed quite a bit over the past 12 months. I realized that having a beauty routine isn't all about vanity and looking your best; it's about caring for your body and skin and taking those extra moments to check in with yourself. 

This year, a pattern of mine on the blog has been tutorials - whether a shower DIY, or my everyday curl. I have been loving sharing these step-by-step posts with you all. If you can expect one thing in 2018, it is definitely more beauty content (makeup, hair, nails, etc) shared in this way! 

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xo Anna Elizabeth