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Chicwish review

Are you curious about ChicWish, but hesitant to pull the trigger on a purchase? Trust me when I say I’ve been there. That’s why I’m dedicating today’s post to everything YOU need to know about shopping at this popular Asian clothing company.

My journey with ChicWish started about 2 years ago when I was redirected to their website from a blogger that I followed and loved.

My first thought was, “is this a scam?” To be honest, it all looked just a little too good to be true. The prices were extremely low and the clothing in the pictures looked high-end and trendy. My mind jumped to the idea that once I entered my credit card info at checkout, my entire savings would be drained within seconds (dramatic, I know).

This was the first time I had heard of ChicWish, so all I had to go off of was the reviews posted online. After a few days of consideration, I decided to place my bet and order a few, inexpensive items.

Now here we are, nearly 2 years later, and I would consider this brand to be one of my all-time favorites to shop with. I even included them in last month’s post with the 3 brands I can’t stop shopping (read here).

ChicWish honest review

Since my first order, I have been fortunate enough to partner with ChicWish on several occasions (although this blog post is not sponsored). It started off as a one-time trade for clothing when I fell head over heels for a layered pink tulle skirt (one of their most popular items to date).

From that point, I made the decision to continue working with them over the years because I have truly loved their clothing and bringing you cute and affordable shopping options.

My goal was to test out different styles of clothing they have online to ensure quality and consistency so I can be a good resource and recommend my favorite pieces to you.

If you’ve been following along for awhile now on here or Instagram, you have likely seen countless outfits with ChicWish already. Here are a few of my favorite looks: spotted midi skirt, embroidered maxi dress, tweed mini dress, floral maxi dress, heart sleeve sweater, pink teddy coat, and sequin maxi dress. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

To no surprise, because I style pieces from ChicWish so often, I get a ton of questions about them regarding everything from quality to prices, shipping, and fit.

So, without further ado, scroll down for everything YOU need to know about shopping at ChicWish (along with my favorite Fall finds at the moment):

ChicWish shopping


Most items range in price from $25 to $65. I have yet to see any item listed that is over $120 (and that’s for a double-breasted, thick Winter coat).

The prices of their clothing have reasonably increased over the past couple years (I believe alongside the quality), but compared to the competition, they remain shockingly low.

There is almost always a discount code/sale going on, so check their website frequently! I recommend bookmarking the items that you like and snagging them while they’re on sale.

The current promotions that they have going on are:

$5 off orders over $60 with code “JU5”

$15 off orders over $100 with code “JU15”

$20 off orders over $150 with code “JU20”


To say that I am impressed with the quality of the items I have received from ChicWish would be an understatement. For the price, most people expect the items to look and feel cheap, and fall apart within a few uses. I’m happy to report that this has not been the case with any of the clothing I have ordered throughout the years.

The quality is not designer, however neither are the price tags. I would compare the quality of the pieces to brands like H&M, Forever21, and Zara.

In my opinion, the quality of ChicWish has improved over the past couple years that I’ve been ordering from them. I remember my first set of clothing that I ordered having an odd, chemical smell to them prior to washing, but that has seemed to disappear completely and is no longer present when I unwrap my new items.

If I had any complaints, it would be that some of the clothes are a little stiff when I first get them in the mail. All it takes to fix that though is a quick 30 second steam, wrinkle release, or simple wearing them to soften them up.

Chicwish shopping online


Let me start off by saying that you have to understand that ChicWish is an overseas brand, which has its benefits in regards to price. But, if you are searching for a 2-day delivery situation, this is not your best bet. For example, I would not personally order a dress for an event coming up at the end of the week and expect to get my order in time (without express shipping).

Typically, my package arrives between 5-10 days from the date ordered.

However, if you’re not in a rush and need express shipping, a huge selling point for me with ChicWish is that they offer free, standard shipping to all countries.


In my personal experience, the fit runs true to size including in tops, sweaters, jackets, dresses, pants, and skirts. I always order the smallest size they have listed which is usually an XS or S.

Being as short as I am, I usually have difficulty ordering skirts and dresses that don’t need to be altered or hemmed, but thankfully this has not been the case with ChicWish. Out of everything I have ordered, I have only needed to get 1 dress hemmed (this floral maxi).

It may be due to my love for midi skirts and dresses (they have the BEST), or because many of their skirts and dresses are adjustable (with either a wrap or elastic waistband that you can move up or down, depending on your height).

Either way, I feel confident knowing that I can order pieces from ChicWish that I won’t have to spend money or time getting altered to fit.

With this being said, I still recommend checking the sizing charts and reading through any reviews left on the items’ page.

Hot tip: If you need to swap your size out, exchanges are free. Just use the pre-paid return label and swap it out within 30 days of the shipment date.

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ChicWish is ideal for snagging trendy clothes at a fraction of the price. They have very similar pieces to online retailers like Revolve and Nordstrom. They do an incredible job of mimicking high-end designers to create similar pieces with a much more affordable price tag.

I believe that ChicWish gained popularity due to their beautiful selection of tulle skirts, but they are also my favorite brand for ordering midi skirts and maxi dresses from as well. The only categories they are limited in are shoes, jewelry, and accessories.

In regards to the demographic, I would say that it is wide-ranging. They have a great selection of modest dresses, skirts, and tops for a woman in her 30s and 40s alongside “younger” style pieces like crop tops, off the shoulder blouses, and mini skirts ideal for college kids and women in their 20s.

They even have kids clothing along with “Mommy and me” matching sets. I have not tested any of these items yet, but I 100% can see myself being “that Mom” and wearing these items when the time comes. They are super cute and trendy, and a lot of the pieces I already own the adult version of!


All in all, I believe that you get more than what you pay for with this brand. My experience with ChicWish only improves each time I order, and I have not been disappointed with a single item in regards to fit, style, or quality yet.

Over the past couple years, I have gotten well over 35 pieces from ChicWish, none of which I have been unhappy with, returned, or left with tags attached. I have recommended this brand to friends, family members, total strangers, and of course you, my reader, countless times.

This is definitely a brand that I can see myself wearing and sharing with you for years to come.

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